Concise Polymeric Materials Encyclopedia

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Concise Polymeric Materials Encyclopedia abridges the Polymeric Materials Encyclopedia, presenting more than 1,100 articles and featuring contributions from more than 1,800 scientists from all over the world. The text discusses a vast array of subjects related to the 1) synthesis, properties, and applications of polymeric materials; 2) development of modern catalysts in preparing new or modified polymers; 3) modification of existing polymers by chemical and physical processes. Concise Polymeric Materials Encyclopedia also contains many articles related to biologically oriented polymers. It serves as a comprehensive, accessible resource on modern polymeric materials - acting as the singular standard for references in the polymer field.


Additives o Adhesives o Adsorptive Resins o Alloys o Alternating Copolymers o Antibacterial Polymers o Antifoaming Agents Antifouling Materials o Amphiphilic Materials o Barrier Materials Batteries o Biodegradable Materials o Bioerodible Materials Biomaterials o Biomimetic Materials o Biopolymers o Biosensors o Blends o Block Copolymer Micelles o Branched Polymers o Building Materials o Calixarenes o Carbon Fibers o Carbon Monoxide o Copolymers o Catalysts o Ceramic Precursors o Chemical Amplification Resists o Chemical Sensors o Coatings o Colloids o Comb-Like Materials o Compatibilizers o Composites o Conjugated Polymers o Contact Lenses o Cosmetic Materials o Cyclopolymerization o Degradation o Dendrimers o Drag Reducing Agents o Drug Delivery Systems o Elastomers o Electroconducting Materials o Electrooptical Materials o Electrorheological Materials o Emulsion Polymerization o Environmentally Degradable Polymers o Engineering Thermoplastics o Enzyme-Catalyzed Polymerization o Ferroelectric o Polymers o Fibers o Fillers o Flame Retardants o Flocculants o Fluorine-Containing Polymers o Foams o Food Polymers o Free Radical Polymerization o Functional Materials o Gas Permeable Polymers o Gels o Gradient Polymers o Graft Polymers o Group Transfer Polymerization o Gums o Hair Care Polymers o High Modulus Materials o High Performance Polymers o High Solids Coatings o High Strength Materials o High Temperature Materials o Host-Guest Materials o Hydrogels o Hydrophilic Materials o Hydrophobic Materials o Hyperbranched Polymers o Immobilized Enzymes o Inclusion Complexes o Initiators o Inorganic Materials o Intelligent Materials o Interpenetrating Polymer Networks o Inverse-Emulsion/Suspension Polymerization o Ion-Chelating Polymers o Ionomers o Lacquers o Ladder Polymers o Langmuir-Blodget Film o Liquid Crystalline Materials o Living Polymerization o Macrocycles o Macromonomers o Membranes o Metathesis Polymerization o Microbial Polymers o Microcapsules o Microemulsion Polymerization o Modified Natural Products o Molecular Assemblies o Monodisperse Polymers o Monodisperse Particles o Networks o Oligomers o Optical Fibers o Optically Active Polymers o Organic/Inorganic Materials o Organometallic Materials o Oxidative Coupling Polymerization o Paints o Paper o Photopolymers o Polyampholytes o Polyelectrolyte Complexes o Polyelectrolytes o Polymeric Compatibilizers o Polymeric Drugs o Polymeric Initiators o Polymeric Surfactants o Plastics o Printing Inks o Recyclable Materials o Reinforcing Agents o Release Coatings o Resins o Ring-Opening Polymerization o Rotaxanic Materials o Rubbers o Sealants o Scale Inhibitors o Self-Assembled Materials o Skin Care Polymers o Spiro Polymers o Star Polymers o Superabsorbent Materials o Surface Modified Materials o Suspension Polymerization o Telechelics o Template Polymerization o Thermosensitive Materials o Thickeners o Topochemical Polymerization o Ultrathin Films o Vulcanization o Waterborne Coatings o Water-Soluble Polymers o Wood Composites o Zwitterionic Polymerization


"This book should be in most libraries where the student can find beginning data on many topics in polymeric materials." -Polymer News "the quality of the articles and the reasonable price make this an excellent purchase for institutions with science programs that do not own Polymeric Materials Encyclopedia; those with undergraduate concentrations in polymer science or graduate programs in polymer science, chemical engineering, chemistry, or biotechnology will require the entire parent set." -M.A. Manion, Choice, March 1999 "This concise version would be a good addition for a collection, which did not contain the main work. It would be a handy reference work for a researcher to have in office or laboratory." -Robert Michaelson in E-Streams, December 1999
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