Historical Dictionary of North American Environmentalism

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November 1997



An attempt to capture the people, places, and events which have contributed to the development of environmentalism around the world, attempting to place each term used in the context of a developing movement. Although the focus of this volume is the history of North American environmentalism, entries that are not purely North American in scope have been included because they somehow helped to shape environmentalism on this continent.


Edward R. Wells (Ph.D., American Culture Studies, Bowling Green State University) is an Instructor of Environmental Studies at Bowling Green State University. His areas of research and instruction are in sustainable society, ecological restoration, and environmental impact assessment. Alan M. Schwartz (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania) is a Professor of Environmental Studies at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY, and is its founding environmental studies faculty member. He is an expert on U.S./Canada transboundary environmental problems. His works have been published in several books and journals including The American Review of Canadian Studies, The Environmental Professional, and International Perspectives.


...the volume is useful in providing numerous entries on lesser known figures such as Wendell Berry (ecotheologian) and Carolyn Merchant (ecofeminist). Booklist ...the chronology beginning with 1626 and Plymouth Colony is...worth the price of the book...recommended for all levels. CHOICE
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