Amanda Berry Smith: From Washerwoman to Evangelist

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August 1998



This biography is the compelling story of Amanda Berry Smith, a former slave and washer-woman with less than a year of formal education who rose to become one of the nineteenth century's most important and successful Christian evangelists.


Adrienne Israel (Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University) is Associate Professor of History and Intercultural Studies at Guilford College in North Carolina.


...provides a case study for a number of issues in American history...an important building block for other scholars...well-written, powerful story...a truly important book for many aspects of American, British, Indian, and African cultural studies. American Historical Review ...a richly detailed and descriptive biography...it provides the academic community with an invaluable resource. The Journal Of Religion Adrienne M. Israel has written a very interesting and useful book on one of the greatest evangelists of all times, Amanda Berry Smith...Israel's book is well written, proceeding in logical and chronological order...Nonetheless, I highly recommend this fine work for its huge contribution to religious history and African American studies. Missiology: An International Review
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