Perspectives on Aid and Development

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Oktober 1997



A growing consensus has emerged in recent years among donors, and between aid agencies and their developing country counterparts, on development strategies. Almost everybody now agrees that sustainable development requires macroeconomic stability, substantial integration into the global economy, better public sector management, more effective poverty alleviation, and greater attention to the private sector and to civil society in general. At the same time, it has become increasingly apparent that in many countries, particularly in the least developed that are the most heavily aided, much has gone awry.
In "Perspectives on Aid and Development" a distinguished group of policy experts offer perspectives on the lessons learned from development experience and how these lessons have been translated into new thinking on aid and development issues.


Elliot Berg is a development economist and Visiting Professor at the University of Auvergne, France. Michael Bruno, at the time of the writing of this essay, was Vice President and Chief Economist of Development Economics at the World Bank. Paul Collier is a Professor at Oxford University's Centre for the Study of African Economies. Catherine Gwin is Senior Vice President of the Overseas Development Council. Martin Ravallion is a Lead Economist for Poverty and Human Resources in the Policy Research Department of the World Bank. Lyn Squire directs the World Bank's Policy Research Department.
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