Handbook of the American Frontier, the Far West: Four Centuries of Indian-White Relationships

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Juli 1997



The projected five volume Handbook of the American Frontier is intended as a work of first reference that provides insights into Indian-white relationships during the first four centuries of our colonial and United States history. Based upon both primary and secondary sources, it includes the Indian viewpoint as well as the white, and provides references to assist the reader to additional information. Volume IV of the Handbook is an account of men and events important in the frontier history of the West from the earliest Spanish explorations to the last Indian battle, fought in 1918.


J. Norman Heard (Ph.D.,Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge) is volunteer curator of the Mississippi Valley Museum at Lafayette, Louisianna. He is the author of more than a dozen books on American frontier history, bibliography, and assisting the handicapped. He was founder of the South Texas Habilitation Center, the Valley Botanical Garden at McAllen, Texas, and the Acadian Villiage at Lafayette, Louisianna, all of which are intended to provide training and employment for handicapped persons. He has also served as librarian at eight universities before retiring in 1981 to devote more time to writing and civic activities.


Heard's volume has some unique entries, including biographical material...recommended for all libraries. American Reference Books Annual The narrative entries are clear and helpful summations and are useful as a point of definition or as browsing material. A reasonable purchase for libraries with extensive interest in this area. Library Journal This work...provides a handy reference for teachers and students of western history...it presents a more balanced view of Indian-White relations than older references, making use of newer ethnohistorical research...Heard is to be commended for including many lesser-known leaders...Heard's series is a useful tool for easy reference, and enjoyable reading. New Mexico Historical Review
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