Historical Dictionary of the United States-Mexican War

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November 1997



The first reference work of its kind, this volume on the United States-Mexican War encompasses the decade of the 1840s, focusing on the war years of 1846-1848. More than a dozen maps were drawn for this book, some of which depict major regions and localities over which armies of both nations moved great distances to position for battle, and others that depict major battlefields from the first engagement to the last. The narrative overview paints a broad picture of the war for both historians desiring a review before continuing research, and for the interested layperson, unfamiliar with the war and in search of an overview of the entire period. The dictionary itself contains hundreds of thoroughly researched entries describing the war's personalities, battles and campaign trails, armaments, support systems, political factions involved in the conflict in both nations, and an array of other topics related to the war. Includes illustrations of the central figures of the conflict, a detailed chronology, and a bibliography of traditional and contemporary sources useful to the professional scholar, student, and amateur historian.


Edward H. Moseley (Ph.D., University of Alabama) is Director of the University of Alabama's Capstone International Program Center and Professor of Latin American History. Paul C. Clark (Ph.D., University of Alabama) is Associate Professor of Latin American Studies at the Armed Forces Staff College in Norfolk, VA.


...the sixteen maps that illustrate the various military campaigns, a two-part chronology...an introduction, a short bibliographic essay, and a selected bibliography-will make it a valuable starting point for undergraduates who desire to more fully explore the U.S. side of the war with Mexico. Journal of Military History ...a good review of this historical conflict between Mexico and the United States...well produced, with quality paper, an attractive format, clear typeface, and a sturdy binding...for many students and librarians the biographical entries will be the dictionary's most useful feature...citations of 95 participant accounts provide an excellent selected subject bibliography that will prove useful to anyone needing additional information. American Reference Books Annual ...a very helpful reference to individuals, places, and events involved in the Mexican-American War...provides some useful entries for those unfamiliar with the military practice of the times...the chronology is comprehensive...valuable for anyone interested in the Mexican War or the Civil War. The Nymas Newsletter A handy...dictionary reference to the Marine Corps. Helpful for anyone interested in the history of the corps... The Nymas Newsletter ...provides concise information...recommended as a useful reference tool. Jow ..this volume fills a useful niche...a useful tome to pull off the shelf to check a date, name, location, or event...catering to two audiences-students of American history and Latin American history-is never easy, but the Historical Dictionary will be a valuable tool for scholars in both disciplines. A well-researched and well-written book. War Studies Journal The text includes a detailed chronology and narrative overview that "paints a broad picture of the war for both historians desiring a review before continuing research." A good review of this historical conflict between Mexico and the United States and also well produced. Rotarian
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