Biographies of Scientists: An Annotated Bibliography

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Mai 1998



Provides more than 500 sources of information on scientists for young and adult general readers and for scholars. These sources explain scientists' accomplishments in the context of the personal and career developments that made those accomplishments possible


Roger Smith was educated at Reed College, the University of Nevada, and Stanford University. He is a full-time freelance writer.


...name and subject indexes are very useful...public and high school libraries will benefit most from this latest volume in the 'Magill Bibliographies' series. CHOICE ...makes special mention of items aimed at younger readers...and the annotations...are informative and really helpful for getting the feel of the book described. The indexes are excellent, and lead to all sorts of facts you didn't know...a very good book...would like to see it in a college library, or a large public reference library. School Librarian ...a useful compilation for instructors to consult in designing course reading lists, with possible value as a librarian's selection tools. American Reference Books Annual The annotations, averaging about one hundred words in length, are well...written and give a good sense of the work in relatively few words. Isis ...the author, a freelance writer, lays out clearly in the introduction his aims and methods, and the structure of the description of each bibliography...will be of use to historians of science, and to those building collections that cover the biographies of scientists in academic and public libraries...will also be of use to enthusiastic readers of biographies. If your gaps are in the sciences then Roger Smith has produced a good guide for you. Reference Reviews
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