Safe at Work? Library Security and Safety Issues

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This thorough bibliography includes a whole host of media including theses and dissertations, Internet sites, videos, sound recordings, conference proceedings, and serials. An essential tool for librarians of every stripe, this book provides excellent coverage of issues of vital importance to library administration.


Teri R. Switzer (M.S. Library Science, University of Illinois, M.B.A. Colorado State University) is the Personnel Librarian and Associate Professor at Colorado State University.


Provides a comprehensive, annotated bibliography on all aspects of security... American Libraries 'Resources' section will be very useful to those who plan training programs or anyone wishing to keep up to date on workplace security. Highly RECOMMENDED!! Library Management ...annotated bibliography an exceptionally useful resource. The author has done a thorough job of compiling articles and books. Public Libraries Through extensive research, Switzer provides the first published annotated bibliography that covers many facets of safety and security in libraries...This book is a valuable reference resource for anyone interested in safety and security issues in any type of library, providing a more comprehensive look at safety and security in libraries than the more commonly found books written on this topic. Medical Reference Services Quarterly ...this is the sole up-to-date list available to directors and library school students needing information on this important topic. Highly recommended. Library Journal
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