For La Patria: Politics and the Armed Forces in Latin America

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Februar 1999



Defending la Patria, or homeland, is the historical mission claimed by Latin American armed forces. For la Patria is a comprehensive narrative history of the military's political role in Latin America in national defense and security. Latin A


Chapter 1 Introduction: Armed Forces, Militarylore, and la Patria Chapter 2 The Iberian Military Tradition: From the Kingdoms of Las Espanas to la Patria Chapter 3 Inventing la Patria: Wars, Caudillismo, and Politics, 1810-1885 Chapter 4 Foreign Military Missions and la Patria Chapter 5 Variations on Patriotic Themes: la Patria and the Armed Forces from Depression to Cold War Chapter 6 La Patria and the Cold War: Pearl Harbor to the Bay of Pigs Chapter 7 La Patria and the Cold War: Bay of Pigs to the Gulf of Fonseca Chapter 8 La Patria, Regional Security, and 'Democracy' Chapter 9 La Patria, the Armed Forces, and Human Rights Chapter 10 La Patria and Perestroika: Toward the Twenty-first Century Chapter 11 Glossary Chapter 12 Bibliography Chapter 13 Index


Few scholars have devoted themselves more to understanding the issue of civil-military relations in Latin America than Brian Loveman ... No other work today matches its cohesiveness and breadth, which enhance its appeal to the general reader and the student alike. Political Science Quarterly A significant addition to the literature on the armed forces in Latin America. Certainly it will have few equals as a pedagogical tool and will serve as an invaluable reference source for anyone interested in the continent's military. The Historian
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