Globalization and Global Governance

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April 1999



A distinguished group of international scholars wrestles here with what global governance is and is not--and with what it might be, given a clearer understanding of the challenges and opportunities posed by international financial flows, communications technologies, environmental threats, domestic disorders, peacekeeping and intervention, and sanctions and incentives. Taken together, this collection of original essays pays special attention to the prospect for strengthening an institutional world order by encouraging and enforcing compliance with international norms.


Part 1 Globalization and the Need for Global Institutions and Norms Chapter 2 Three Types of Globalization: Communication, Market, and Direct Chapter 3 Norms, Compliance, and Enforcement in Global Governance Chapter 4 United Nations: Global Regimes and the United Nations System Chapter 5 Global Governance as a Policy Tool: The Canadian Experience Chapter 6 Global Governance: The American Perspective Part 7 Instruments of Global Governance: Sanctions and Peace Building Chapter 8 Sanctions and Incentives as Tools of Economic Statecraft Chapter 9 Liberal-Democratic Regimes, International Sanctions, and Global Governance Chapter 10 New Norms in the Field of Peacemaking: The Challenge of Implementation Chapter 11 Enforcement without Military Combat: Towards an International Civilian Police Part 12 Can Global Problems Be Governed? Chapter 13 Changing Norms in International Responses to Domestic Disorder Chapter 14 Weapons Bans: Norms and Mechanisms of Global Governance Chapter 15 References Chapter 16 Index Chapter 17 About the Contributors


Raimo VSyrynen is professor of government and international studies at the University of Notre Dame.
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