The Orders of Discourse: Philosophy, Social Science, and Politics

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August 1998



In this insightful book, distinguished political scientist John G. Gunnell explores the relationship between social science and philosophy, and the range of problems that have attended this relationship. Gunnell argues that social science has turned to philosophy, especially to areas such as the philosophy of science and other sites of philosophical foundationalism, in search of cognitive identity and the grounds for normative and empirical judgment. Gunnell's emphasis is on political and social theory and the theoretical constitution of social phenomena.


Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 Introduction Chapter 3 Metapractices Chapter 4 Conventional Objects Chapter 5 Relativism Chapter 6 Theoretical Realism Chapter 7 Interpretation Chapter 8 Speaking Politically Chapter 9 References Chapter 10 Index


John G. Gunnell is distinguished professor of political science at SUNY, Albany. He is the author of The Descent of Political Theory: The Genealogy of an American Vocation.


Orders of Discourse is a dense ... and challenging book, nearly breathtaking in its scope. -- James F. Pontuso, Institute of United States Studies Perspectives on Political Science This book presents the most systematic and powerful statement of John Gunnell's Wittgenstein-inspired critique of the epistemological project of validating political theory and the social sciences. -- John Horton, Keele University Political Science In a number of chapters Gunnell shows how various metapractices have claimed far too much for themselves and have consequently impeded progress or right understanding in the practices on which they reflect. The Review Of Politics This interesting and provocative book marks the culmination of Gunnell's work in recent years on the relationship between philosophy and social science. International Science Review Sobering and provocative book. Ethics Worth reading even if only for its synoptic accounts of virtually every contemporary theorist of note. Highly recommended... -- D.H. Rice, University of Arkansas at Little Rock CHOICE, April 1999 Clearly written, densely argued. Journal of American Politics An interesting book. Economics and Philosophy
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