Structure, Culture, and Governance: A Comparison of Norway and the United States

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September 1999



In this comparison of two countries-Norway and the United States-the authors analyze similarities and differences in political-administrative systems, measuring the capacity to govern and the influence of structure and culture in each case. They provide a framework for a broader understanding of public bureaucracy, its importance in a given political system, and how it interacts with other institutions to govern.


Chapter 1 Norway, the United States, and Comparative Politics Chapter 2 Macro-Political Design: The Legislature and Executive Related Chapter 3 Legislatures: Historical Trends, Contemporary Structure, and Decisionmaking Processes Chapter 4 The Executive Chapter 5 The Structure of the Executive Bureaucracy Chapter 6 Cultural Variables and Governance Chapter 7 Governance in the Two Societies


Tom Christensen is professor of public administration at the University of Oslo. B. Guy Peters is Maurice Falk Professor of American Government at the University of Pittsburgh.


In this book, Christensen and Peters manage to compare such different countries as Norway and the United States in an interesting and systematic way. By combining cultural and structural factors, they give new insight into the roles of the political-administrative systems in the two countries. -- Per Lagreid, University of Bergen ...should attract readerships beyond those primarily interested in Nordic politics. The authors deserve plaudits for the execution of their difficult enterprise. Political Studies Review This book is the first sistematic comparison of public administration in Norway and the United States. It is a must-read for scholars as well as graduate and advanced undergraduate students specializing in comparative public administration. Governance This book is a detailed, well-documented, and insightful study of the connection between political-administrative institutions and policy making in two stable democratic systems. It examines a variety of viewpoints and theories of governance in the light of facts about decision makers, patterns of influence, major issues, and national political traditions. It should be read by all serious students of comparative politics. -- William Safran, University of Colorado, Boulder The work would be excellent for graduate seminars in comparative politics-to teach complexity. -- Michael G. Roskin, Lycoming College
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