Centrifugal & Rotary Pumps: Fundamentals with Applications

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Centrifugal and Rotary Pumps offers both professionals and students a concise reference detailing the design, performance, and principles of operation of the different pumps types defined by the Hydraulic Institute. From historical background to the latest trends and technological developments, the author focuses on information with real-world practicality and techniques you can implement immediately. Beginning with the fundamentals, the text then shifts to real field cases that address applications, pumpage, system interaction, reliability, failure analysis, and practical solutions. By including specification parameters and criteria for the application of various pumps, this comprehensive book provides necessary and timely material that plant engineers, maintenance staff, operators can use and share with colleagues. TOC:Introduction.- Classification of Pumps.- Basic Concepts of a Pump in a System.- Centrifugal Pumps - Fundamentals.- Gear Pumps - Fundamentals.- Multiple Screw Pumps.- Progressing Cavity Pumps.- Metering Pumps.- The Advantages of Rotary Pumps.- Case History #1: Double-Suction Centrifugal Pump, Suction Problem.- Case History #2: Lube Oil Gear Pump, Noise and Wear, with Improvement.- Case History #3: Progressing Cavity Pump.- Closing Remarks and Acknowledgments.- Appendix.


INTRODUCTION CLASSIFICATION OF PUMPS CONCEPT OF A PUMPING SYSTEM Liquid Transfer Input Power, Losses and Efficiency System Curve Pump Curve CENTRIFUGAL PUMP-FUNDAMENTALS Affinity Laws Helpful Formulas Per Centrifugal Pump Triangles Quiz #1: Velocity triangles Performance Curves Quiz #2: How much money did a maintenance mechanic save his plant? Performance Modifications Quiz #3: A Valve puzzle Underfiling and Overfiling Design Modeling Techniques Specific Speed (Ns) GEAR PUMPS - FUNDAMENTALS Quiz #4: Gear Pump Capacity Cavitation in Gear Pumps Trapping Methods Lubrication User Comments MULTIPLE SCREW PUMPS Three Screw Pumps Two Screw Pumps User Comments PROGRESSING CAVITY (SINGLE SCREW) PUMPS Principle of Operation Pump Performance Considerations Power Requirements Fluid Velocity and Shear Rate Fluid Viscosity Inlet Conditions Guidance for Proper Selection and Installation Progressing Cavity Pump Applications Troubleshooting User Comments METERING PUMPS Definition Features Where Are Metering Pumps Used? Types of Metering Pumps Components of Metering Pumps Metering Pumps Selection Control and Integration Accessories Typical Applications The Advantages of Rotary Pumps Case History #1: Double Suction Centrifugal Pump, Suction Problem Quiz #5: Are Ns and Nss dependent on speed? Case History #2: Lube Oil Gear Pump, Noise and Wear Reduction Quiz #6: Doubling the Gear pump life in 10 minutes?! Case History #3: Progressing Cavity Pump Failures Troubleshooting "Pointers" as Given by Interviewed Pump Users and Plant Personnel Application Criteria and Specification Parameters Closing Remarks Appendices


"This is an interesting little reference bookhighly recommended for engineers, technical operators, and maintenance personnel." -Applied Mechanics Reviews, September 1999
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