Word 2000 Essentials Basic

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November 1999



The "Essentials" series is conceived as a <that combines graphics, instructions, experience, reinforcement, and problem solving. It consists of modular lessons that are built around a series of numbered, step-by-step procedures that are clear, concise, and easy to review. Explanatory material is interwoven before each lesson and between the steps. For anyone interested in learning Microsoft Office 2000.


Project 1: Getting Started with Word 2000. Lesson 1: Starting Word and Exploring the Word Screen. Lesson 2: Using Menu Bars and Toolbars. Lesson 3: Entering Text in a Document. Lesson 4: Saving a Document. Lesson 5: Printing a Document. Lesson 6: Getting Help. Lesson 7: Closing a Document and Exiting Word. Project 2: Working with a Document. Lesson 1: Opening an Existing Document. Lesson 2: Displaying Formatting Marks. Lesson 3: Scrolling in a Document. Lesson 4: Selecting Text. Lesson 5: Deleting and Changing Text. Lesson 6: Inserting Text. Lesson 7: Changing View Modes. Lesson 8: Creating an Envelope. Project 3: Editing a Document. Lesson 1: Enhancing Text. Lesson 2: Copying Formats with Format Painter. Lesson 3: Changing the Case of Text. Lesson 4: Moving and Copying Text. Lesson 5: Using the Undo Feature. Lesson 6: Using AutoCorrect. Lesson 7: Spell-Checking a Document. Lesson 8: Correcting Grammatical Errors. Lesson 9: Selecting Synonyms. Project 4: Formatting Documents. Lesson 1: Setting Margins. Lesson 2: Setting the Line Spacing. Lesson 3: Setting Alignment. Lesson 4: Indenting Text. Lesson 5: Changing the Font and Font Size. Lesson 6: Inserting a Bullet List. Lesson 7: Highlighting Text. Lesson 8: Adding a Border to Text. Project 5: Formatting Longer Documents. Lesson 1: Centering Text Vertically. Lesson 2: Inserting Page Numbers. Lesson 3: Inserting Page and Section Breaks. Lesson 4: Preventing Text from Separating Between Pages. Lesson 5: Inserting a Nonbreaking Space. Lesson 6: Creating Footnotes. Lesson 7: Creating Headers and Footers. Lesson 8: Creating a Hanging Indent Paragraph. Project 6: Using Tables. Lesson 1: Creating a Table. Lesson 2: Entering Text into a Table. Lesson 3: Inserting Rows and Columns. Lesson 4: Deleting Rows and Columns. Lesson 5: Adjusting Column Widths &amp; Row Height. Lesson 6: Formatting a Table. Lesson 7: Applying Shading and Borders. Lesson 8: Positioning a Table. Project 7: Using Graphics. Lesson 1: Inserting an Image. Lesson 2: Moving an Image. Lesson 3: Sizing an Image Lesson 4: Wrapping Text Around an Image. Lesson 5: Creating a Text Box. Lesson 6: Selecting a Fill and a Border. Lesson 7: Using WordArt. Project 8: Integrating Info &amp; Specialized Features. Lesson 1: Saving an Image from the Web. Lesson 2: Inserting a File w/in the Current Document. Lesson 3: Inserting an Excel Spreadsheet. Lesson 4: Inserting an Excel Chart. Lesson 5: Creating an Organization Chart. Lesson 6: Selecting a Background. Lesson 7: Saving the Document as a Web Page. Lesson 8: Viewing the Document in Internet Explorer. Glossary. Task Guide. Index.
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