The Liberal Political Science of Raymond Aron: A Critical Introduction

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Dezember 1991



An introduction to Raymond Aron's conception of political science, based on a study of one of his central statements, "The Dawn of Universal History". The book discusses Aron's relationship to other philosophers and argues that his notion of political science is superior to today's social science.


Introductory note - conjugating science and politics; the Dawn of Universal History - a commentary, Part 1 - change and continuity in industrial and political modernity; The Dawn of Universal History - a commentary, Part 2 - the dramatic character of the modern adventure; the liberal definition of freedom - Raymond Aron on liberty; Raymond Aron and the study of international relations; an outline of the liberal political science of Raymond Aron.


Daniel J. Mahoney, Assistant Professor of Politics at Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts, has written widely on politics and political thought.


The finest philosophical treatise on the political science of Raymond Aron available. The New England Reviews Of Books This is an extremely well-written book and ... gives an exceptionally full and contextual picture of Aron's intellectual project. The Review Of Politics ... comprehensive and balanced, deeply reflective and sharply focused ... Mahoney's study of Aron's thought is important ... Crisis Daniel J. Mahoney's brief, lucid and highly stimulating treatment will no doubt help generate enthusiasm for Aron's writings and build up his stature in the English-speaking world. First Things Anyone seeking a clear and accurate introduction to Aron's vast oeuvre would be well advised to read Mahoney's concise and extremely sympathetic overview. Ethics ...a brilliant analysis...deserves a wide audience...Mahoney's prose is strong and crisp...As Aron's texts always remained 'exciting' for Daniel Mahoney, so does Mahoney's study remain for the reader. Interpretation Mahoney's book is the best to date about the great French political thinker. -- Pierre Manent, College de France, Paris A sober and comprehensive as well as thought-provoking introduction to Aron as political scientist. -- Thomas L. Pangle, University of Toronto A timely, serious and perceptive study of one of the most important thinkers of this century ... Stanley Hoffmann ... splendid book... Like Aron, Mahoney is realistic in his understanding of politics and insightful in his appreciation of political philosophy. -- Barry Cooper, University of Calgary This excellent analysis ... is ... thoughtful, intellectually honest, and above all, courageous in its willingness to challenge contemporary intellectual doctrines. -- James Ceaser, The University of Virginia
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