The Essential Bill of Rights: Original Arguments and Fundamental Documents

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April 1998



The Essential Bill of Rights: Original Arguments and Fundamental Documents provides the convenience of an affordable and accessible compilation of the original, essential documents and arguments that eventually led to the adoption of the Bill of Rights in the United States.


chapter 1 Preface chapter 2 Chapter 1: Common Law and Covenanting Traditions - Magna Carta, Virginia Charter, Mayflower Compact, Petition of Right, Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, Massachusetts Body of Liberties, Maryland Act Concerning Religion, New Jersey Concessions, Pennsylv chapter 3 Chapter 2: Elementary Books of Public Right - Second Treatise (John Locke), Discourses (Algernon Sidney), Cato's Letters No. 38 (Thomas Gordon), Spirit of the Laws (Montesquieu), Of the Original Contract (David Hume), Commentaries (William Blackstone) chapter 4 Chapter 3: An Expression of American Mind - The Rights of the British Colonies (James Otis), Rights of the Colonies (Richard Bland), Rights of the Colonists (Samuel Adams), An Election Sermon (John Tucker), Summary Views (Thomas Jefferson), Declaration a chapter 5 Chapter 4: A New and More Noble Course - Virginia Declaration of Rights and Constitution, New Jersey Constitution, Pennsylvania Declaration of Rights and Constitution, Delaware Declaration of Rights, Massachusetts Declaration of Rights, Memorial and Remo chapter 6 Chapter 5: We Have Errors to Correct - Articles of Confederation, Vices of the Polticial System, The Northwest Ordinance, Convnentional History of the Constitution chapter 7 Chapter 6: The General Voice Calls for a Bill of Rights - Federalists Defend Absence of a Bill of Rights, Federalist No. 84 (Alexander Hamilton), Antifederalists Criticisms of the Constitution, Pennsylvania Ratifying Convention, New England and Virginia chapter 8 Bibliography chapter 9 Index


Gordon Lloyd edited The Essential Antifederalist (University Press of America, 1985) and is Professor of Government at University of Redlands. Margie Lloyd is Visiting Assistant Professor at University of Redlands.
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