Creating Your Employee Handbook: A Do-It-Yourself Kit for Nonprofits

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Dezember 1999



This is a comprehensive guide to writing, evaluating and revising nonprofit employee handbooks - in a book/disk set. The book covers every type of personnel policy, including hiring and employee development, benefits, workplace health and safety, standards of conduct, work hours and pay.


Introduction: How an Effective Employee Handbook Can Improve Your Organization; STARTING YOUR HANDBOOK OFF RIGHT; Policies for a Good First Impression; PRESENTING CLEAR EMPLOYMENT AND EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT POLICIES; Employment and Hiring Policies; Employee Development; CREATING WELL-CRAFTED BENEFITS POLICIES; Health, Wellness, and Employee Assistance; Paid Time Off; Unpaid Time Off and Leaves of Absence; DEVELOPING FAIR, STRAIGHTFORWARD POLICIES FOR WORKPLACE STANDARDS AND PRACTICES; Work Hours and Pay; Workplace Health and Safety; Work Practices and Environment; Information and Communication; Standards of Conduct; CLARIFYING END OF EMPLOYMENT POLICIES; Ending Employment; Resources; Appendix A. List of Legally Required Policies; Appendix B. State by State Provisions for Selected Policies; Appendix C. Sample Forms Employee Acknowledgement Written Warning Document Job Description Position Description Form Performance Evaluation Form; Appendix D. The Management Center Human Resources Assistance.


LEYNA BERNSTEIN is a consultant and trainer with expertise in organizational development and human resources management. She is a principal with Bernstein & Associates in San Francisco and serves as an affiliate consultant in human resources with The Management Center. Bernstein has provided consulting and training services to organizations since l993, and now works exclusively with the nonprofit sector. Prior to founding her own firm, she spent over a decade as a human resources executive with some of the Bay Area's leading socially responsible companies.
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