Before, in and After Hollywood: The Life of Joseph E. Henabery

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The autobiography of Joseph Henabery, the director of some of the biggest Hollywood stars of the 1920s including Douglas Fairbanks, Fatty Arbuckle, and Rudolph Valentino.


It's an extraordinary feat, one that should be appreciated by students of the movies. Henabery's unpretentious manner is ingratiating and the history he imparts is unequaled. Rapport Too few first-hand accounts of the silent era exist, making this book valuable for insight into early filmmaking. The Silent Film Monthly ...captivating...illustrates a cutthroat motion picture industry...one of many excellent Hollywood memoirs. The Silents Majority ...offers important insights on Griffith, as well as stories about Fairbanks, Valentino, and Fatty Arbuckle. Curio For a book as important as this to surface so many years after its author's death is nothing short of a miracle. Joseph Henabery is a fascinating chronicler of a colourful era-and his analysis of the other books on the subject is worth the cost of this one. -- Kevin Brownlow
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