Historical Dictionary of Chad

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Provides thorough coverage of the archaeology, prehistory, culture, geography, politics, science, religion, art, and many other aspects of Chad, as well as such matters as tourism and recent political unrest. This latest edition (last, 1987) features new tables listing important statistics on its ec


Samuel Decalo (MA, Ph.D. in political science, University of Pennsylvania), has taught both at home (University of Rhode Island; Graduate Faculty, New School for Social Research) and abroad (University of Botswana, University of the West Indies). He has published numerous books and articles on Africa and the Middle East, including three other dictionaries in this series (Benin, Togo, Niger) and Coups and Army Rule in Africa (Yale University Press). He is Professor of Political Science at the University of Natal, Durban.


Provides thorough coverage of the archaelogy, prehistory, culture, geography, politics, science, religion, art and many other aspects of Chad... Reference and Research Book News ...an extremely useful tool for those who wish to follow the intricacies of current Chadian politics...an inescapable work of reference for those working on Chad... International Journal Of African Historical Studies ...the dictionary will contribute to a better understanding of the problems of Chad... Journal Of African History This work is essential in the understanding and improvement of the impoverished and disintegrating country of Chad. Decalo's brilliant research and outspoken descriptions of this century's politics are invaluable. American Reference Books Annual
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