Historical Dictionary of Russia

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August 1998



A detailed introduction and chronology puts the country's history in perspective, while maps, a selected bibliography of Russian history, and several lists of the American Divisions of the Russian Republic as well as a listing of the principle bodies of water and mountain ranges help complete the geographical and political picture of the country.


Boris Raymond (Ph.D., University of Chicago) currently teaches at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada. Paul Duffy works at the Killam Memorial Library at Dalhousie University.


...surveys Russia's rich and complicated history, from the reign of Prince Riurik to the 1996 re-election of Boris Yeltsin. Booklist, 12/15/1998 It is helpful in providing information on organizations and groupings that are not dealt with in ordinary biographical dictionaries. Society For Cooperation In Russian and Soviet Studies ...a useful dictionary... American Reference Books Annual ...a very useful tool for all students, researchers and anyone else interested in Russian history...a useful adjunct, and, of course, far more portable than an encyclopedia. British East-West Journal ...a reference source that is easy to use, invites browsing, and will be welcome in all academic libraries. -- R. P. Sasscer, Catholic University Universitymerica CHOICE Very well cross-referenced. Reference and Research Book News
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