Black Women in American Bands & Orchestras

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Profiles are presented under the headings of orchestras and orchestra leaders, string players, wind and percussion players, keyboard players, and non-playing orchestra/band affiliates. Features 100 photographs.


D. Antoinette Handy (1931-2002) was a flutist with degrees from New England Conservatory and Northwestern University, a diploma from Paris National Conservatory and honorary degrees from Cleveland Institute of Music and Whittier College. She was a Humanities Fellow at the University of North Caroluna and Duke University. She taught flute, music theory and history at several colleges and universities and had been resident flutist with many leading American and European orchestras. She retired as Director of the Music Program, National Endowment for the Arts. Her previous Scarecrow Press books include International Sweethearts of Rhythm (1998) and Black Conductors (1995).


Handy has done a tremendous service...Handy's project could easily serve as a foundation and reference...on the subject. Cadence Magazine Since the subject is largely ignored otherwise, we owe her a debt of gratitude...if you are seeking any details about the women highlighted in this book, you have found a gold mine! Jazz Educators Journal Overall, this is a thoughtful, useful compendium on a major segment of women's accomplishments. American Reference Books Annual She offers a comprehensive review of an overlooked subject. Hopefully it can help provide a foundation, and role models, for young African-American Women pursuing careers as a musician in a band or a ochestra. Counterpoise ...a fascinating study...shows the contribution made by black women to American music. Big Bands International
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