Ink Into Bits: A Web of Converging Media

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Juni 1998



The future of communication and cultural literacy, reading, and the book in the 21st century is investigated along a wide spectrum, from multimedia packages to reading on the World Wide Web.


Charles T. Meadow is Professor Emeritus at the Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto. He is the author of Making Connections: Communications Through the Ages (2002) and Messages, Meaning and Symbols: The Communication of Information (2006), both published by Scarecrow.


...very thought provoking. The writing was engaging and quite fluid. This book should easily find a place in most libraries, be they academic, secondary, public, or special in setting. It is must reading for anyone concerned about social informatics, the future of communication and media, and issues surrounding new technology. Jasis ...an anecdotal romp through most aspects of computer-mediated communication. CHOICE ...an esoteric but still eminently readable piece of work of good value for graduate level work in media studies, policy and regulation of online technologies, and American Studies...addresses the synergistic nature of media forms and human thought processes in a...accessible style. Communication Booknotes Quarterly ...Meadow is a good storyteller and he enlivens his discussion by including poignant anecdotes...This book will be a useful introduction to a layman... The Journal of Academic Librarianship ...very readable...very straightforward...a beginning word on many issues. College & Research Libraries (C&RL) This work is highly recommended!!! Lisca ...Meadow is a very good storyteller when its comes to this novel. His discussion is poignant anecdotes. Papers Of The Bibliographical ...the book is noteworthy for the author's open-mindedness and long term perspective, for the manner in which he outlines future possibilities and examines the likely advantages and disadvantages of certain trends. It is worth reading... Australian Library Journal ...Meadow makes us constantly question our own assumptions...while very wisely refusing to make definitive futuristic statements. College & Research Libraries (C&RL)
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