The Aerial Photo Sourcebook

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This one-of-a-kind illustrated reference for the novice has a complete bibliography of over 800 books and articles for those looking for more details on aerial photography. Collins provides the most comprehensive listing available of federal government sources, state and regional sources, and commercial sources and collections. All contact information (names, offices, addresses, phone, and fax) is included.


Mary Rose Collins first became acquainted with aerial photography and satellite imagery as a Central Intelligence Agency analyst and training officer. In 1992 she started her own consulting business to serve those searching for aerial photos and to educate businesses on the utility of the aerial view. Mary Rose Collins has a B.A. and an M.A. in History, and is a teacher and a writer. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.


The book fills a need for a current publication on aerial photo sources. It is an admirable effort and the lists of agencies and bibliography are particularly useful. Waml Information Bulletin This illustrated reference for the novice begins with an overview of the uses for aerial photography and basic instruction in photographic interpretation. Reference and Research Book News
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