Mr. Bernds Goes to Hollywood: My Early Life and Career in Sound Recording at Columbia with Frank Capra and Others

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April 1999



Edward Bernds came to Hollywood in 1928 to help United Artists make the transition to sound. He worked with some of the most notable directors in Hollywood including Frank Capra, Leo McCarey, and Howard Hawks. Luckily for film historians and readers of this book, he kept meticulous diaries during most of those years.


Edward Bernds still lives outside of Hollywood, California. He no longer makes movies, but writes about them. He has written several published articles on American film. On February 9, 1998, Bernds was honored by the National Board of Review with its Lifetime Achievement Award for Film Technology.


I love the detail...it makes me feel as if I'm there, watching it happen, and that's an exciting feeling. Leonard Maltin Bernds pictures of major figures are insightful and will be quoted, but just as important are his thumbnail sketches of crew members... you get a good idea what Hollywood was like, both in and out of the studios. It certainly stands on its own as a unique memoir... Movie Collector's World That clear-eyed quality that you have, with no padding and no waffle, gives one the most vivid idea of what it was like to be there. -- Kevin Brownlow
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