Women in Between

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In 1971 Marilyn Strathern provided what has now become a classic ethnographic text, Women In Between. Significantly, this pioneering contribution to feminist anthropology focuses on gender relations rather than on women alone. Re-issued now, Women in Between examines the attitudes of the Hagen people and analyzes the power of women in their male-dominated system. Strathern cites case studies of marriage arrangements, divorce, and traditional settlement disputes to illustrate women's status in Hagen society.


Part 1 Part I: Producers and Transactors Chapter 2 Hagen Society Chapter 3 Residence and Work: The Woman with Her Husband's Kin Chapter 4 The Household Chapter 5 The Roads of Marriage Chapter 6 Kin at Her Back Chapter 7 Producers and Transactors Part 8 Part II: The Independent Woman Chapter 9 Pollution and Poison Chapter 10 Marital Stability Chapter 11 Focus for Blame Chapter 12 Settlement of Disputes Chapter 13 Judicial Status Chapter 14 Status, Incorporation and Commitment Chapter 15 Appendices


Marilyn Strathern is professor of social anthropology at the University of Cambridge, England. She is the 2003 recipient of the Viking Fund Medal in Anthropology. Among her many writings are The Gender of the Gift (University of California Press) Kinship at the Core (Cambridge University Press), and Partial Connections (Rowman & Littlefield).
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Untertitel: Female Roles in a Male World, Mount Hagen, New Guinea. 'Classics in Anthropology'. black & white illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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