Affirmative Action: Social Justice or Unfair Preference?

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November 1996



In this book, two distinguished philosophers debate one of the most controversial public policy issues of the late 20th century. Each begins by making a case for or against affirmative action, laying out the major arguments on both sides. Each author then responds to the other's essay. Written in an engaging, accessible style, Affirmative Action is an excellent text for junior level philosophy, political theory, public policy, and African-American studies courses as well as a guide for professionals navigating this important debate.


Chapter 1 Affirmative Action: Pro Chapter 2 Affirmative Action: Con Chapter 3 Response to Capaldi Chapter 4 Response to Mosley


Albert G. Mosley is professor of philosophy at Ohio University in Athens. He is the editor of African Philosophy: Selected Readings and numerous articles on affirmative action. Nicholas Capaldi is McFarlin Professor of Philosophy at the University of Tulsa. Among his books is Out of Order: Affirmative Action and the Crisis of Doctrinaire Liberalism.


This book raises the level of the contemporary debate on affirmative action. Professor Mosley meets the critics head on ... bold, ingenious and successful. -- Bernard Boxill, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Provides the most substantively detailed arguments for and against affirmative action in the literature ... apparent in the masterful defense of affirmative action by the renowned Albert G. Mosley, and the insightful and robust rejection by the stalwart Nicholas Capaldi. -- Leonard Harris, Purdue University A comprehnsive analysis of specific arguments-for and against affirmative action-which increases the reader's ability to evaluate claims made by both sides in this important controversy. -- Gertrude Ezorsky, author of Racism and Justice: The Case for Affirmative Action The format of this series ... should make for lively debate. Ethics, January 1998 Provides a ... good summary of relevant case law, ... -- A. A. Sisneros CHOICE
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