Gewirth: Critical Essays on Action, Rationality, and Community

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Dezember 1998



As one of the most important ethicists to emerge since the Second World War, Alan Gewirth continues to influence philosophical debates concerning morality. In this ground-breaking book, Gewirth's neo-Kantianism, and the communitarian problems discussed, form a dialogue on the foundation of moral theory. Themes of agent-centered constraints, the formal structure of theories, and the relationship between freedom and duty are examined along with such new perspectives as feminism, the Stoics, and Sartre. Gewirth offers a picture of the philosopher's theory and its applications, providing a richer, more complete critical assessement than any which has occurred to date.


Part 1 Acknowledgments Part 2 Introduction Part 3 I. The Normative Structure of Action Chapter 4 1 The Normative Import of Action Chapter 5 2 Gewirth and Held on Action and Methodology: A Response to Virginia Held's "The Normative Import of Action" Chapter 6 3 Anticipating Gewirth: A Critical Disagreement Chapter 7 4 Values and Ends: Comments on Michael Slote's "Anticipating Gewirth" Chapter 8 5 Gewirth on Necessary Goods: What Is the Agent Committed to Valuing? Chapter 9 6 Liberal Agency is Open for Business: A Response to Donald Regan's "Gewirth on Necessary Goods: What Is the Agent Committed to Valuing?" Part 10 II. Gewirth and Kantianism Chapter 11 7 Choosing an Ethical Theory Chapter 12 8 Confronting Moral Theories: Gewirth in Context Chapter 13 9 Gewirth and Kant on Justifying the Supreme Principle of Morality Chapter 14 10 A Commentary on Deryck Beyleveld's "Gewirth and Kant on Justifying the Supreme Principle of Morality" Chapter 15 11 Gewirth's Kantian Consequentialism Chapter 16 12 The Problem with Simply Promoting Agency: Comment on Cummiskey Part 17 III. Community, Rationality, and Rights Chapter 18 13 Community, Mutuality, and Rights Chapter 19 14 The Existence and Universality of Gewirthian Moral Rights: Comment on Beth J. Singer's "Community, Mutuality, and Rights" Chapter 20 15 Building on Gewirth: A Defense of Morality Chapter 21 16 Gewirth, Sterba, and the Justification of Morality Part 22 IV. Comments by Gewirth Chapter 23 17 Replies to My Colleagues Part 24 Bibliography Part 25 About the Contributors


Michael Boylan is professor of philosophy at Marymount University.


The collection as a whole will definetely aid all those who seek a clearer understanding of Gewirth's moral philosophy and the fundamental issues with which he is concerned. Ethics
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