Third World War: System, Process, and Conflict Dynamics

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April 1999



Third World War examines the patterns of political violence throughout the world during the Cold War and analyzes them collectively as conflict processes within the global system. It shows that warfare was not randomly distributed, but was centered on six protracted conflict regions that together accounted for 80 to 90 percent of all forms of political violence during that time--a magnitude of violence that rivals the destruction of the previous two world wars. Through societal theories of identity, conflict, and development dynamics, supported by a broad range of quantitative evidence, the author explores how armed conflict and the politics of insecurity lead to policy changes, arrested development, and, ultimately, state failure. He concludes with policy implications and a brief assessment of the prospects for peace in the global system.


Chapter 1 The Global System and the Third World War Chapter 2 Political Violence and War Chapter 3 The Societal Dimensions of "Human Nature" and the Dynamics of Group Conflict Chapter 4 Violence, Diffusion, and Disintegration in Societal Systems Chapter 5 Protracted Conflict Regions Chapter 6 Comparative Regionalism Chapter 7 An Agenda for Systemic Peace


Monty G. Marshall established and directs the Center for Systemic Peace. He is currently a faculty research associate with the Center for International Development and Conflict Management at the University of Maryland where he is working with the Minorities at Risk Project; he is also a consultant with the State Failure Task Force and heads its Intervention Project.


The major selling point of this book is its systemic and dynamic perspective. I believe that Marshall's alternative concept formation can help to go beyond descriptive analysis into really effective explanation of events. -- Patrick James, Iowa State University Monty Marshall's Third World War demonstrates conclusively the Janus-faced character of domestic and international conflicts on the periphery of the global power system during the Cold War. It offers a graphic, theoretically-grounded account of the diffusion of arms races, hostile interstate interactions, war casualties, political mass murders, and state failures from localized conflicts like those centered on Israel and South Africa to surrounding countries. This is a major advance in the systemic analysis of diverse aspects of violent conflict that usually are studied in isolation from one another. Third World War also provides powerful analytic tools that can be used to interpret the spread of new regional conflicts like those of the Balkans and the Greater Horn of Africa. -- Ted Robert Gurr, University of Maryland
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