Tennesseans and Their History

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September 1999



The history of Tennessee is full of dramatic episodes and colorful characters that give the Volunteer State its unique place in the American saga. From the bloody battle of Shiloh in 1862 to the Dayton "monkey trial" of 1925 to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Memphis in 1968, Tennessee has been the locale for many of the nation's most important events.This groundbreaking book represents a synthesis of Tennessee history. Striking a balance of social, economic, and political perspectives, it moves from frontier times to early statehood, antebellum society through the Civil War to Reconstruction, and establishes Tennessee's place in the New South and in the present. Full coverage is devoted to the civil rights era and to events in the later years of this century. The text addresses the complexity of slavery and segregation and also corrects shortcomings of previous works by placing the state's history in the context of national issues and events within the South.The authors introduce readers to famous personalities such as Andrew Jackson and Austin Peay, but they also tell stories of ordinary people and their lives to show how they are an integral part of the state's history. Sidebars throughout the book highlight events and people of particular interest, and reading lists at the end of chapters provide readers with avenues for further exploration.Entertaining as well as instructive, Tennesseans and Their History was written for readers looking for a lively overview of Tennessee's past.

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