Traditional World Music Influences in Contemporary Solo Piano Literature: A Selected Bibliographic Survey and Review

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August 1997



Identifies pieces in contemporary solo piano literature that show world music influences not traditionally associated with the standard repertoire of Western European art music. The resulting annotated bibliography therefore includes pieces which use or attempt to emulate non-Western scales, modes, and folk tunes, and rhythmic, percussive or harmonic devices and timbres.


Elizabeth C. Axford (M.A., San Diego State University) is an independent piano instructor and freelance writer residing in Del Mar, California. A published songwriter and arranger of piano music, she is an active member of the California Association of Professional Music Teachers (a Music Teachers National Association affiliate), where she serves as a district board member, and the Nashville Songwriters Association International, for which she serves as the San Diego regional workshop coordinator.


The opening of each chapter describes the significant attributes of each ethnic style and cultural location in splendid detail. Academic music and large public libraries should consider purchasing. CHOICE The information gathered on these pages is tremendous and contemporary...a great source for building recital programs. Keyboard Teacher Axford has gone where few researchers have ventured by accepting the huge task of identifying and analyzing published solo piano music from around the world without duplicating the more standard work...each chapter begins with a fine scholarly overview...this ambitious reference work has no real parallel...this is the first time such information of international scope has been collected under the confines of one easy-to-use reference work...all libraries supporting general music programs or piano pedagogy should consider purchase of this valuable reference work. American Reference Books Annual The range is considerable... Piano and Keyboard My husband, E. L. Lancaster, and I recently purchased Traditional World Music Influences in Contemporary Solo Piano Literature. It has been fun to browse through this book. It contains much useful information. Congratulations on a monumental publication. -- Gayle Kowalchyk, Alfred Publishing Co., Inc. A reference book for students, world music enthusiasts, and teachers...background materials offer helpful overviews of each culture's music... Teaching Music
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