Hymntune Index and Related Hymn Materials

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An extraordinary resource for organists, church musicians, and librarians. Cataloging over 33,000 melodies sung by congregations world-wide, it provides the source of each and lists related materials.


D. DeWitt Wasson holds a Master and Doctorate in Sacred Music from the Union Theological Seminary and was formerly the organist at the Elizabethtown Church of the Brethren. He has played as many as fifty European organ concerts biennially until his retirement and been a regular reviewer of new organ music in The American Organist.


Dr Wasson's index is the most comprehensive collection of hymns and hymn material that has been created to date. The American Organist ...an indispensable tool for church musicians and scholars working with hymn materials...a joy to eye and mind. American Reference Books Annual Wassons Index... has immediate value for all church musicians and lasting value for hymnologists as the only wide-ranging source of information on hymn tunes of all denominations and historical periods...no other work covers the range of hymn tunes and hymnals...all church musicians, especially organists, should have access to Wasson, if not in their home or church libraries, then in a local academic or public library. Journal Of Religious & Theological Information ...clear presentation of detail... CHOICE
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