The Blood Poets: A Cinema of Savagery, 1958-1999

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November 1999



This thought-provoking and insightful study of 40 years of American violent cinema ties together the multiple disciplines of psychology, criminology, censorship, and anthropology. The study is divided into two volumes: Volume 1: American Chaos, From Touch of Evil to The Terminator, and Volume 2: Millennial Blues, From Apocalypse Now to The Matrix. Horsley raises a new dialogue between scholars and movie buffs as readers struggle to find their own answers to the connection between the need to portray and the need to watch violent films.


Part 1 Acknowledgments Part 2 Foreword Part 3 CHAPTER 1: Pulp Culture-Brute Expressions of Rage Part 4 CHAPTER 2: Return of the Id-The Suburbia of Corruption Part 5 CHAPTER 3: Hollywood Uber Alles-Here Comes the Designer Fascists Part 6 CHAPTER 4: Everything is Permitted -The Comedy of Nihilism Part 7 CHAPTER 5: Murder in the Millennium-The Metaphysical Strain towards Darkness Part 8 EPILOGUE: Beyond Apocalypse-Yesterday's Hero Part 9 Bibliography Part 10 Index Part 11 About the Author


Jake Horsley is a digital filmmaker, who has written three books on film. His latest, Matrix Warrior: Being the One, was published in 2003.


Jake Horsley seems to arrive from out of nowhere, yet here he is-an almost fully-developed and only slightly stoned sensibility. This hothead fantasist offers the excitement of a wild, paranoid style. he lives in the movies, explodes them from the inside, and shares his fevered trance with us. But he doesn't lose his analytic good sense. he's not just a hothead, he's a hardhead, too. Maybe he could use more humor, but couldn't we all? (Intelligent movie criticism is being swamped in seriousness.) He's a marvelous critic. Tackling a new movie, he'll hang in there until he's balanced and sound. It's always a surprise. Freelance film critic Horsley aspires to bridge the gap between academic cultural studies and popular movie reviews in a two-volume analysis of Hollywood's love-hate relationship with brutality in all its forms. Reference and Research Book News The debate about whether movie violence causes real-life violence (an argument I've never bought) has hijacked any exploration of how violence is actually used in the movies, how audiences experience it and when violence does or doesn't qualify as art. Those are the questions that preoccupy critic Jake Horsley in his mammoth two-volume The Blood Poets...Horsley arrives on the scene with a combination of articulate analysis and a provocateur's punch... The Blood Poets is the first work of criticism to talk at any length about how the exploitation impulse has crossed over into the work of respected filmmakers. Salon.Com
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