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Juni 2000



Examines the constructions of feminine consumption in the nineteenth century in relation to capitalism and domesticity.


Lori Merish is Assistant Professor of English at Georgetown University.


"Important not just for the way it brings together a stunning variety of primary materials but for the productive new readings it offers of well-known and lesser-known literary texts, of ante- and post-bellum women's culture, the history of consumerism, and the practice of 'personal life' in nineteenth-century U.S. culture. Sentimental Materialism is full of both subtle and striking insights."--Dana Nelson, author of National Manhood: Capitalist Citizenship and the Imagined Fraternity of White Men "Ranging powerfully from the Scottish Enlightenment to the Cuban cigar, Lori Merish furnishes the culture of sentimentalism with a commodity logic and a political form. Detailing the emergence of feminine consumer subjectivity, Merish reveals the commercial artefacts crucial to sentimental education; locating the varieties of female subjection in the culture facilitated by sentimental fiction, she demonstrates the liberal-individual production of its emotional selves. The result is a national romance of property in which Merish acutely finds a whole new approach to women's writing, the society of slavery, the spiritual qualities of manufactured things, and the law of the market not as sentimental culture's antithesis but as its very foundation."--Eric Lott, author of Love and Theft: Blackface Minstrelsy and the American Working Class
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