Displacing Natives: The Rhetorical Production of Hawai'i: The Rhetorical Production of Hawai'i

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This insightful study examines the strategies used by outsiders to usurp Hawaiian lands and undermine indigenous Hawaiian culture. Drawing upon historical and contemporary examples, Wood investigates the journals of Captain Cook, Hollywood films, commercialized hula, Waikiki development schemes, and the appropriation of Pele and Kilauea by haoles to explore how these diverse productions all displace Native culture.


Chapter 1 Orientation: Recovering Hawaiian Winds Part 2 From Conquest to Anti-Conquest Chapter 3 The Violent Rhetoric of Names Chapter 4 Captain James Cook, Rhetorician Chapter 5 The Kama'aina Anti-Conquest Chapter 6 Disorientation: Unwritable Knowledge Part 7 Displacing Three Hawaiian Places Chapter 8 Displacing Pele: Hawai'i's Volcanoes in a Contact Zone Chapter 9 Echo Tourism: The Narrative of Nostalgia in Waikiki Chapter 10 Safe Savagery: Hollywood's Hawai'i Chapter 11 Reorientation: New Histories, New Hopes Part 12 Polyrhetoric as Critical Traditionalismism Chapter 13 Kaho'olawe in Polyrhetoric and Monorhetoric Chapter 14 Hawai'i in Cyberspace Chapter 15 Coda Chapter 16 Filmography


Houston Wood spent many years as a macadamia nut farmer on the island of Hawaii. He is the coauthor of The Reality of Ethnomethodology and now teaches English at Hawaii Pacific University.


Wood's book offers very strong critical analyses of dominant cultural productions and discursive struggles, with a central focus on the contested terrain of representation. Displacing Natives is an excellent choice for courses that focus on on US colonialism, Hawaiian Studies, literary and visual representations of indigenous peoples, and ethnic studies. In this time of 'ena makani (stormy winds) it is important to see a scholarly work that explains the enduring process by which Hawaiian indigeneity is continuously effaced in and through the dominant popular culture. The Contemporary Pacific Wood's original and insightful work on Hawaii is sure to engage a wide variety of readers, from those interested in Pacific literature and postcolonial studies to haoles who have decided to make this unique place their home. Review Of Communication This book is an account of the historical formation of Hawai'i that directly challenges the ever onward and upward unfolding of history embedded in the principal texts on Hawaiian history that have long been and remain the dominant interpretations. Wood traces the history of and acutely analyzes diverse practices that dispossessed and displaced native culture. The Hawaiian Journal Of History
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