Deep Democracy

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August 1999



Deeply understood, democracy is more than a 'formal' institutional framework for which America provides the model, acting as a preferable alternative to the modern totalitarian regimes that have distorted social life around the world. At its core, as John Dewey understood, democracy is a realistic ideal, a desired and desirable future possibility that is yet-to-be. In this period of global crises in differing cultures, a shared environment, and an increasingly globalized political economy, this book provides a clear contemporary articulation of deep democracy that can guide an evolutionary deepening of democratic institutions, of habits of the heart, and of the processes of education and social inquiry that support them.


Chapter 1 Acknowledgments
Chapter 2 Introduction
Chapter 3
1. The Diverse Community or the Unoppressive City: Which Ideal for a Transformative Politics of Difference?
Chapter 4
2. Transformative Communication toward Democratic Communities: Pragmatism or Critical Theory?
Chapter 5
3. The Deeply Democratic Community: Reconstructing Dewey's Transformative Ideal
Chapter 6
4. Cosmopolitan Unity Amidst Diversity: Alain Locke's Transformative Vision of Deep Democracy
Chapter 7
5. Prophetic Pragmatism: King, West, and the Beloved Community
Chapter 8
6. Transforming World Capitalisms Through Radical Pragmatism: Economy, Law, and Democracy
Chapter 9
7. Deepening Democracy: Rebuilding the Public Square
Chapter 10 Bibliography
Chapter 11 Index
Chapter 12 About the Author


Judith M. Green is associate professor of philosophy at Fordham University.


Green argues for a concept of democracy that moves beyond the conflict between the individual and community, quietism and activism, multiculturalism and monoculturalism, and theory in opposition to practice. In a house of darkness-a world plagued by ethnic wars, class conflict, and sexual exploitation-a strenuously researched and masterfully argued account of what democracy should mean is a welcomed beacon. -- Leonard Harris, Purdue University In this carefully researched and well-written volume, Judith Green moves philosophy off the drawing board into the rough-and-tumble world where life and death decisions are made. Her key theme is location-specific action based on experimentation, pluralism, and radical democracy. And her goal is nothing less than the transformation of culture from the street corner to the global marketplace. In her hands, philosophy becomes a set of public tasks. -- Larry A. Hickman, Director of the Center for Dewey Studies, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Judith Green has a powerful feel for the social, political and economic problems we face. Her book is a passionate plea for caring and intelligence in the way we treat others here and on the other side of the globe. In the best tradition of American philosophy, she presents concrete ideas for improving our practices. -- John Lachs, Vanderbilt University A valuable addition to the sparse, but growing literature on how democratic theory and practice can be used to transform a society that has been plagued by racism, sexism, and class oppression. -- Howard McGary, Rutgers University Green's book touches on a number of interesting questions in democratic theory. Philosophy in Review Deep Democracy is a refreshing and optimistic look at the usefulness of philosophy and philosopers, a well-researched study of theorists who model a commitment to human flourishing, a specific and well-grounded guidebook for building communities and recovering from "ontological rootlessness" and "existential nihilism", and an important call to philosophers to overcome their own theoretical differences and work toward "democratically deepening our hearts and minds" (xiii). Journal of Speculative Philosophy The need to give close attention to Deep Democracy has special urgency. Already an important contribution to democratic theory and pragmatic social thought, Deep Democracy holds significant potential in helping to guide the transformative democratic processes at work in the world today. The scholarship cotnained in these pages is formidable. Transactions Of The Charles S. Peirce Society
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