Intercultural Philosophy

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Januar 2000



The meeting of different cultures, philosophies and religions today calls for an intensive and qualified discourse on the part of all concerned. Intercultural Philosophy seeks to develop such a discourse through a new orientation of thought that will allow for a discussion of all philosophical problems from an intercultural perspective. Arguing that no conceptual or terminological system should be unnecessarily privileged, Mall perceives intercultural philosophy as a stance taken in order to prevent any particular form from assuming an absolute position. In this important work he develops a new concept of intercultural philosophy and applies it to various philosophical disciplines.


Part 1 Preface Part 2 Introduction Chapter 3 1
Intercultural Philosophy- A Conceptual Clarification
Chapter 4 2
Towards a Theory of an Analogous Hermeneutics
Chapter 5 3
Hermeneutics of the One under Different Names
Chapter 6 4
Intercultural Philosophy and Postmodernity
Chapter 7 5
An Intercultural Philosophy of Unity without Uniformity
Chapter 8 6
Two Metaphors of Time-Arrow and Cycle
Chapter 9 7
Metonymic Reflections on Shamkara's Concept of Brahman and Plato's Seventh Epistle
Chapter 10 8
The God of Phenomenology in Comparative Contrast to that of Philosophy and Theology
Chapter 11 9
The Concept of the Absolute- An Intercultural Perspective
Chapter 12 10
Europe in the Mirror of World Cultures- On the Myth of the Europeanisation of Humanity. A non-European Discovery of Europe Part 13 Bibliography Part 14 Index Part 15 About the Author


Intercultural philosophy is a new concept, and Mall is one of the first to give it a concrete context... Well-written, systematically expounded ... Intercultural Philosophy will be a most important book in the field. -- J. N. Mohanty, Temple University
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