Birth of a Worldview: Early Christianity in Its Jewish and Pagan Context

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Birth of a Worldview is a groundbreaking intellectual history of the making of the worldview that came to define western Christian culture for two millennia. Using a broad range of primary sources, Robert Doran narrates the story of how early thinkers wrestled with philosophical and cultural questions in order to form a view that would make sense of their place in the world.


Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Christians and the Roman World: A Sense of Belonging Chapter 3 Cosmos: The Quest for Order Chapter 4 Jews in the Roman Empire Chapter 5 The First Steps: Articulating Alienation Chapter 6 The Source of Power Chapter 7 The Human Condition Chapter 8 "Neither Male nor Female"


Robert Doran is professor of religion at Amherst College.


Through succinct discussion and frequent, extensive citations of primary sources, Doran brings alive the diverse ways Christian intellectuals from the first to the fifth centuries expressed their understanding of the cosmos and their place in it. CHOICE Doran offers us a balanced and insightful tour through the emergence of a distinctively Christian world-view. Seven succinct and readable chapters cover Christianity before Constantine, Christian cosmology, relations with the Jews, the emergence of the canon, the emergence of orthodox theology, the human condition, and the role of women. The text is amply supported with selections from primary literature. This makes the book a good choice for courses introducing early Christianity... A fine synthesis of key themes operative in the emergence of Christianity. -- John J. Keefe Theological Studies Fascinating... An original contribution to the study of the early Church, and an essential companion and guide to existing textbooks and collections of documents on the period. -- Revered W.H.C. Frend Church Times
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