Paths to State Repression: Human Rights Violations and Contentious Politics

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In the last ten years, there has been a resurgence of interest in repression and violence within states. Paths to State Repression improves our understanding of why states use political repression, highlighting its relationship to dissent and mass protest. The authors draw upon a wide variety of political-economic contexts, methodological approaches, and geographic locales, including Cuba, Nicaragua, Peru, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Israel, Eastern Europe, and Africa.


Chapter 1 Introduction Part 2 Part I: Domestic Threats, Dissent, and State Repression Chapter 3 Domestic Threats: The Abuse of Personal Integrity Chapter 4 Political Repression: Threat Perception and Transnational Solidarity Groups Chapter 5 Protest Targeting and Repression: Campaigns against Water Projects in Indonesia Part 6 Part II: Exploring Dynamic Interactions Chapter 7 Coercion and Protest: An Empirical Test Revisited Chapter 8 Why Are Collective Conflicts Stable? Chapter 9 Mobilization, Opportunity Structure, and Polity Responsiveness: The Role of Repression in the Intifada Part 10 Part III: Bringing the State Back In (Again) Chapter 11 Protest, Democratization, and Human Rights in Africa Chapter 12 8 Exploring the Ameliorating Effects of Democracy on Political Repression: Cross-National Evidence


Christian Davenport is associate professor of government and politics and senior fellow and director of research for the Center for International Development and Conflict Management at the University of Maryland, College Park.


All students of repression and dissent owe a debt to Christian Davenport and his collaborators, not only for assembling important evidence about how repression and dissent work in today's world, but also for looking hard at the way one incites the other--as well as thinking through conditions and interventions that might reverse vicious cycles of mutual destruction. -- Tilly, Charles A treasure-trove of articles... Most repression research of the future will undoubtedly cite Paths to State Repression. American Political Science Review It is a treasure-trove of useful articles with references. This book will further enhance Davenport's reputation as a leading scholar in the field of political repression. American Political Science Review The contributors to this timely volume tell us a lot about how democracy and human rights, on the one hand, and state repression and political coercion, on the other, influence social movements and political conflict. These original essays will be widely read and appreciated. -- Lichbach, Mark I.
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