Politics at the Turn of the Century

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Juli 2001



With the end of the Cold War, the death of Communism, and the decline of Socialism, what are the primary issues, ideologies, and parties that now structure politics? Melzer, Zinman, and Weinberger have compiled essays from prominent experts to examine the politics of the past to help plot the political future. The first half of the volume addresses OIdentity PoliticsO and OBig GovernmentO and their respective places in the shaping of the United States political environment since the end of the Cold War. The second half of the volume focuses on the political climate in Western Europe, Russia, India, and China.


Part 1 The United States Part 2 Identity Politics Chapter 3 The Left's Lost Universalism Chapter 4 From Identity Politics to Social Feminism Chapter 5 Identity Politics: The Third Phase of Liberalism? Part 6 Big Government Chapter 7 The Two World Wars and the Idea of the State Chapter 8 What Kind of Government Do We have to Fear? Chapter 9 Liberalism and Big Government: Tocqueville's Analysis Chapter 10 Big Government and Rights Chapter 11 The Prospects for Democratic Control in an Age of Big Government Chapter 12 From Social to Legal Norms: A Neglected Cause for Big Government Part 13 The World Chapter 14 Notes on Markets, Politics, and Big Government Chapter 15 The Debate on Big Government: The View from Britain and Western Europe Chapter 16 The Leninist Debris; or, Waiting for Peron Chapter 17 Party, Ideology and the Public World in the Former Soviet Space Chapter 18 Ideological Conflicts in Post-Cold War India Chapter 19 Left and Right with Chinese Characteristics: Issues and Alignments in Deng Xiaoping's China Chapter 20 Regime Shift: Japanese Politics in a Changing World Economy


Arthur Melzer, Richard Zinman, and Jerry Weinberger are directors of the Symposium on Science, Reason, and Modern Democracy and professors of political science at Michigan State University.


The editors have brought together some highly respected academics and produced a thorough and incisive review of two central philosophical and political problems facing the USA and, to a lesser extent, the wider world today. Political Studies Review The book would make an excellent introductory text in classes dealing with major issues in the contemporary world. Perspectives on Political Science
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