Ethics of Writing: Derrida, Deconstruction, and Pedagogy: Derrida, Deconstruction, and Pedagogy

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In this compelling and timely treatise, cultural theorist and educator Peter Trifonas puts forth the first book-length study of Jacques Derrida's _educational texts:_ that is, those writings most explicitly concerned with the ethics and politics of the historico-philosophical structures constituting the scene of teaching. The text examines how deconstruction allows us to re-think the socio-historical and ethico-philosophical aspects of pedagogical practices and policies, including pedagogical theories that have had direct bearing on the ethical and cultural ideals forming the reason of Western educational systems and the exclusion of its _Others._


Chapter 1 Acknowledgments
Chapter 2 Polemical Introduction: A Pedagogical Prelude to Deconstruction: Jacques Derrida, Ethics, and the Scene of Teaching
Chapter 3 1 The Cultural Politics of the Sign: The Ethics of Writing and the Other
Chapter 4 2 The Ends of Pedagogy: From the Dialectic of Memory to the Deconstruction of the Institution
Chapter 5 3 Technologies of Reason: Beyond the Principle of Reason as the Metaphysical Foundation of the University
Chapter 6 4 Teaching the Other the Limits of Philosophy: Face-to-Face with the Violence of Difference
Chapter 7 5 An Opening toward a praxis of the Future: The Ethics of Deconstruction and the Politics of Pedagogy
Chapter 8 Index
Chapter 9 About the Author


Peter Trifonas' book is a wonderfully concentrated framing of the ineluctable educational gambit run by Derrida's unsettling practice of theory. We can do no better in following writing's reasoning machinery, as given and illusive as it is, than by pursuing Trifonas' relentlessly political and ethical questioning of the knowing institutions by which we live. -- John Willinsky, University of British Columbia, author of Technologies of Knowing Peter Trifonas stages an encounter between Jacques Derrida and education in The Ethics of Writing. Highly controversial and provocative, deconstruction takes on conventional wisdom in all its established forms and domains. True to this critical spirit, Trifonas forces us to rethink writing and education. -- Douglas Kellner, Graduate School of Education, University of California, Los Angeles
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