Russia Faces NATO Expansion: Bearing Gifts or Bearing Arms?

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November 1999



The importance of Russian thinking about NATO expansion eastward has been badly underestimated in the West. In this first comprehensive English-language assessment of the Russian position, Black seeks to remedy that oversight by a thorough examination of Russian official statements, expert analysis, party platforms, and media commentary, which show the degree to which NATO expansion has brought a rare unity to the otherwise fragmented and volatile Russian political arena.


Part 1 Section I: The History Chapter 2 Herein Lies the Tale Chapter 3 A Long-festering Issue Chapter 4 1997-Down to the Wire Chapter 5 Albright Comes to Town Chapter 6 Summit at Helsinki Chapter 7 Toward the Russia-NATO Founding Act Chapter 8 "May Days." A Modern Time of Troubles Chapter 9 Manifestations of the Debate Chapter 10 Restructuring Relations with NATO Chapter 11 A New Cold War? Chapter 12 1999: The Anniversary Year Part 13 Section II: Ripple Effects Chapter 14 Groping for New Strategic Partners Chapter 15 China Chapter 16 Iran-Iraq Chapter 17 "Double Standards." Yugoslavia and the Serbs Chapter 18 NATO and Russian Security Questions. Resurrecting Old Demons Chapter 19 Military Reform Chapter 20 Ukraine Enigma Chapter 21 The Baltic States: Drawing a "Red Line" in the Sand Chapter 22 The Commonwealth of Independent States. Return of the "Great Game"? Chapter 23 Conclusions Chapter 24 Russian Newspapers and Their Audiences


(SHORT BIO) J. L. Black is professor of Russian and Soviet history and director of the Centre for Research on Canadian-Russian Relations (CRCR), Carleton University, Ottawa. (LONG BIO) J. L. Black is professor of Russian and Soviet history and director of the Centre for Research on Canadian-Russian Relations (CRCR), Carleton University, Ottawa. He received a Ph.D. in history from McGill University in 1968 and went on to teach at Laurentian University. He moved to Carleton University in 1976. He is the author of Nicholas Karamzin and Nineteenth Century Russian Society: A Study in Russian Political and Historical Thought (1975), Citizens for the Fatherland: Education, Educators, and Pedagogical Ideals in Eighteenth-Century Russia (1979), G.-F. Muller and the Imperial Russian Academy, 1725-1783 (1986), Into the Dustbin of History: The USSR from August Coup to Commonwealth, 1991 (1993), and Canada in the Soviet Mirror: Ideology and Perception in Soviet Foreign Policy, 1917-1991 (1998).


An invaluable and most informative contribution to the debate. International Affairs A pathbreaking attempt to look at NATO expansion systematically through Russian lenses. The author has prepared for this task by decades of work on Russia's intellectual and political history, which gives him the essential longue duree perspective that is often missing from Western writings on Russia's foreign policy... The book is written in an elegant and accessible prose and is vividly illustrated by cartoons from Russian newspapers. Survival [This] detailed and exhaustive survey demonstrates the perception of NATO's modification and its move eastward precisely from Russia's point of view. The book, based on the study of predominantly Russian language sources and written in a clear and comprehensive manner, represents the first important attempt by a Western author to look at the issue through the opposite side's eyes... The book undoubtedly will be a significant contribution to the critical analysis of this international security issue, representing not a mere description of the situation during some limited time period but a far-sighted analysis... Black's work acquires a special value by having been written in a period when tensions in East-West relations are still not settled and when it is of crucial importance to avoid 'dangerously little understanding of Russia' in the West. Europe-Asia Studies Given the spate of books published promoting NATO enlargement, J. L. Black's book, illustrating the negative effects of this policy on Russian politics, has been sorely needed... Black has done an admirable job documenting a complex and contentious issue in almost exclusively Russian-language sources... Russia Faces NATO Expansion represents a cogent, organized, and well-written contribution to scholarship... The book will fit well in both graduate and undergraduate courses on post-Soviet politics. H-Net: Humanities and Social Science Reviews Online J. L. Black has written an original and valuable book... The lasting value of this book lies in Black's ability to convey an accurate impression of the state of mind of the Russian political elite in reference to NATO enlargement, and of the west more generally. Slavic Review Black has written a balanced, thorough, informative work on Russian views of NATO enlargement/expansion. An indispensable contribution to our understanding of Russian thinking on the subject, the importance of which will increase in the years ahead. -- Alvin Z. Rubinstein, University of Pennsylvania
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