Embracing the Power of Humanism

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Mai 2000



Is life meaningful without religion? Can one be moral and not believe in God? While many Americans believe that God is necessary to secure moral order, Paul Kurtz argues that it is quite possible for rationalists and freethinkers to lead exemplary lives. Embracing the Power of Humanism is a collection of essays organized into five parts: "The Exuberant Life," "Independence," "Altruism," "Humanism," and "Ethical Truth" throughout which Kurtz provides nonbelievers with ethical guidelines and encourages all individuals to take personal responsibility for moral excellence.


Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 Biographical Information Part 3 The Exuberant Life Chapter 4 What is Happiness? Chapter 5 Bursting at the Seams Chapter 6 The Bountiful Joys Chapter 7 The Meaning of Life Chapter 8 The Fullness of Life Chapter 9 The Ethics of Excellence Chapter 10 Meaning and Transcedence Chapter 11 The Human Condition Part 12 Independence Chapter 13 Power Chapter 14 Courage Chapter 15 Libertarianism and Moral Freedom Part 16 Altruism Chapter 17 Love and Friendship Chapter 18 The Beloved Cause Chapter 19 An Ethic of Responsibility Chapter 20 The Common Moral Decencies Chapter 21 Caring Part 22 Humanism Chapter 23 Humanism as Eupraxsophy Part 24 Ethical Truth Chapter 25 Skepticism and Ethical Inquiry Part 26 Afterthought: Surviving Bypass and Enjoying the Exuberant Life


Paul Kurtz is professor of philosophy, emeritus, at SUNY, Buffalo. Known as the "Father of Secular Humanism," Dr. Kurtz is editor-in-chief of the magazine Free Inquiry and a member of the editorial board of the Skeptical Inquirer.


Paul Kurtz has made two wonderful contributions to society. The first is a rare commodity indeed: saying t like it is. The second is equally rare: the get it heard. His effective promotion of rational inquiry has helped us both unleash and control the most powerful force on earth-our human minds. -- Paul B. MacCready, Chair, AeroVironment, Inc. Paul Kurtz has been a leader in both exemplifying and encouraging the rationality without which our current difficulties might one day come to seem the good old days. I personally have benefited by his encouragement, and I'm sure there are thousands who can say the same. -- Steve Allen Paul Kurtz has been a beacon for rational thought in a sea of fuzzy and sometimes coercive supernaturalism. His organizational talents and initiatives have lent direction and efficacy to the desires of those of us who have been distressed by the dominance of antisecularist forces in our society. -- Adolf Grunbaum, Andrew Mellon Professor of Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh Paul Kurtz is the most significant single humanist living today. This book is ideal for the beginner to humanism or for the person without the leisure to read all his other books. There are enough chapters taken from obscure or difficult-to-find material to make the book worthwhile even for veterans of his other books. The selections are well chosen for their emphasis on the actual real-life issues of what being a humanist means. The New Zeland Rationalist and Humanist I know of no one who better explains the power of humanism than Paul Kurtz. The book is highly recommended to all who are willing to contemplate a non-theistic way of life. -- Vern L. Bullough, author of Science in the Bedroom: A History of Sex Research
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