The Art and Politics of Bolivian Cinema

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August 1999



In Bolivia, politics have always shaped art, particularly when it comes to film. This book presents Bolivia's most significant filmmakers largely in their own words.


Jose Sanchez-H. was born and raised in Bolivia. He now lives in the United States and teaches at the Film and Electronic Arts Department of California State University, Long Beach.


Detailed information, not available elsewhere in English, fills the book, making it a major resource... Film Quarterly ...a very comprehensive history based not only on sound research, but also on interviews with Bolivia's most significant filmmakers...a very valuable tool for students and scholars of film and Latin American culture. British Bulletin of Publications on Latin America, the Caribbean, Portugal and Spain ...includes much accurate and relevant information... CHOICE This text is a must for any comprehensive research library, given its primary interviews with key filmmakers and that it is the only book in English that focuses exclusively on Bolivian film. Communication Booknotes Quarterly ...this book provides a comprehensive record of Bolivian films and filmmakers, including extensive interviews with major figures in the Bolivian film industry...Sanchez-H. is passionate about Bolivian cinema and exudes an almost missionary zeal in talking about his topic, convincing this reader that it would be worth the extra effort to get hold of some good Bolivian films. Film Criticism ...a valuable contribution to the still slim bibliography on Bolivian Cinema...a vivid and total mosaic of the history of Bolivian Cinema. -- From the introduction by Jorge Ruiz, Bolivian Filmmaker
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