Historical Dictionary of Islamic Fundamentalist Movements in the Arab World: Iran and Turkey

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September 1999



This reference work provides a needed ready reference to the essential information on and analytical discussion of basic ideas, notions, concepts, doctrines, ideologies, leaders, intellectuals, thinkers, ideologues, groups, and movements of Islamic fundamentalism or Islamism in the Arab world, Iran and Turkey. In one volume, Moussalli provides information about not only the origins and actions of Islamic fundamentalists, but the ideas and principles on which they are based. An invaluable source for both the broad pictures of Islamic fundamentalism and the specific details.


Ahmad S. Moussalli is Associate Professor of Political Science at the American University of Beirut.


The bibliography, some 80 pages in length and organized geographically, is without doubt one of the best bibliographies currently available on the subject. This important work is highly recommended for all college and university libraries and to public libraries concerned to remain current in international affairs. CHOICE For people wanting to get beyond the simplistic and feverish headlines, and yearn for sober analysis, the author provides an intelligent and informative guide...this is a pioneering work... Reference Reviews This volume represents a potentially valuable addition to the available English-language sources on Islamic material that may help to inform in greater detail future comparative studies of fundamentalism. Religious Studies News It provides clear, accessible, and succinct yet comprehensive references... Journal Of Palestine Studies This book provides essential information- basic ideas, doctrines, ideologies, leaders, thinkers, groups, and movements- on Islamic fundamentalism in the Arab world, Iran, and Turkey. Middle East Journal From the Ayatollah Khomeini to Muhammad Khatami, from Hasan al-Banna to Sayyid Qutb, one can learn just who these people are or were and what ideas they have put forward. As important, the work explains most of the terms, key words and concepts that one needs to know to make accurate sense of Islamic fundamentalist rhetoric. Middle East Policy This book fills a major lacuna in our knowledge about who is who in the contemporary world of Islamic revivalism. The Muslim World
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