Body Talk: Looking and Being Looked at in Psychotherapy

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An increasing number of patients in psychotherapy, male and female alike, express anxieties and obsessive concerns about their bodies--thinness, facial features, being toned, or other aspects of their appearance. Less concerned with issues of gender and s


Janice S. Lieberman, Ph.D. , is in the private practice of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic therapy in New York City. She is a faculty member and a Training and Supervising Analyst at the Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research (IPTAR). She serves on the editorial board of The American Psychoanalyst, is co-author of The Many Faces of Deceit: Omissions, Lies, and Disguise in Psychotherapy, and has published numerous articles in professional journals.


In Body Talk, Dr. Lieberman has produced a book that is scholarly, clinically relevant, and accessible. In focusing on the visual, a neglected aspect of psychotherapy, she educates the reader about looking, mirrors, self-image, the therapists's vulnerability to being observed, and the need to carefully observe and respond to visual aspects of patients. Their focus on their own bodies and the bodies of their partners needs to be understood in its own terms, rather than as metaphors. The author recommends an interactive, interpersonal approach to effectively engage these patients, and demonstrates with multiple clinical examples the impact of such responsiveness. This book, essential reading for clinicians working with body-obsessed individuals, also offers technical recommendations for the broader range of patients who have limited ability to think in terms of psychological dynamics. -- Henry J. Friedman, M.D., Harvard Medical School Modern, forthright, scholarly, imaginative, sensible, and also psychoanalytic, this book addresses a gap in our literature about understanding and working with mean and women who are exceptionally absorbed with the look of their bodies. Our visually demanding society increasingly encourages this phenomenon, and Dr. Lieberman does a wonderful job of portraying the intersection between the contemporary culture and the internal worlds of her patients. She brings a twenty-five-year professional perspective to her acute observations and ably offers developmental theory to illuminate her patients' apparent fixity in concrete thinking, while demonstrating ways to prevent stasis and promote emotional growth in treatment. This is an exciting and intriguing book, the topic of which may become ever more relevant in the future. -- Rosemary H. Balsam, M.D., Yale University The most engaging authors job us into seeing things we haven't looked at before. Janice Lieberman does just that with her observation that today's patients talk more about body tone and weight than about sex and sex roles. This leads her to an always interesting and often witty discourse on the mutual gaze, narcissism, and therapeutic strategies. Throughout, she maintains a keen awareness of the importance of the historical moment and its influence on the way we regard looking and being looked at. -- Ethel Person, M.D., Columbia University
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