Historical Dictionary of Equatorial Guinea

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This study is presented in an easy-to-use format that gathers information from pre-history to the current political regime and provides concise entries on important people, significant events and places, political parties, and liberation movements, both before and after independence


Max Liniger-Goumaz, Ph.D., is an international expert and consultant on Africa, who has worked all over the continent since 1962 and is a writer on African and European issues. In 1983 he was awarded the W. Huber Prize by the Societe de Geographie of Paris for his work.


Liniger-Goumaz, who knows a great deal about Equatorial Guinea, performs a real service by gathering otherwise very disperse sources in this work. International Journal Of African Historical Studies This book is a very important contribution to scholarship on Equatorial Guinea...It serves as an extremely useful reference on the murky contemporary politics in the country as well as an introduction to the region's rich history and diverse cultures...The work ends with a long bibliography that is a priceless resource for researchers. Journal Of African History Essential for African studies programs, highly recommended for university and college libraries. CHOICE
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