Historical Dictionary of the United Kingdom: Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland

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The United Kingdom remains a central point in any historical study of the Western European tradition, but did not take on its present configuration until 1920. The Historical Dictionary of the United Kingdom Volume 2: Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland is an excellent guide to the history of its three important regions, as well as its creation.


Kenneth J. Panton is Associate Professor of Geography, and Assistant Director of the British Studies Program, at the University of Southern Mississippi. Educated at the University of Edinburgh and King's College, he has worked as a journalist and academic, and has pioneered international education programs. Keith A. Cowlard is Head of the Department of Geography at London Guildhall University. He was educated at the University of Leeds, and has published widely in geography and history.


...a helpful introduction to Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Irish history. The entries are objective and succinct, and the authors provide ample bibliographic citations for users desiring more substantive study and analysis of chronicled individuals and personalities...a worthwhile addition to any library desirous of maintaining a high-quality British history collection. American Reference Books Annual ...chronologies, maps, and an extensive bibliography complement some one thousand entries... Journal of Military History The articles are well-written...a good single volume reference. CHOICE
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