Historical Dictionary of Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe, one of Africa's longer, more promising countries, has been in the news a lot recently-for all the wrong reasons. This more than justifies a third edition. Hundreds of fresh entries cover new political leaders, changing governmental, cultural, and economic developments, and scores of place name changes.


Steven C. Rubert was a research associate at the University of Zimbabwe and is currently Associate Professor of History at Oregon State University. R. Kent Rasmussen has published several books on the history of Zimbabwe's Ndebele people.


An invaluable resource with good cross-referencing and an extensive bibliography. Certainly it is a book that students of Zimbabwe should possess. Journal Of African History Entries are well written and wide-ranging, covering everything from the aforementioned rock paintings to agriculture, ethnic groups, languages, historical figures, political parties, movements, and newspapers. Highly recommended. CHOICE Revised to reflect recent events, this edition contains entries on people, places, institutions, events, ethnic groups, and political parties influential in the political, social, cultural, and economic life of Zimbabwe. It also includes entries of historical significance, with reference to the colonial period and the movement for independence. Details of this history are covered in the introductory essay, and in a separate chronology. Rupert is a researcher at the University of Zimbabwe; Rasmussen in a reference book editor. Reference and Research Book News
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