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September 2000



An examination of the rise of tabloid television and the political, cultural, and technological changes that have enabled its success.


Acknowledgements The genealogy of tabloid television Cops, courts and criminal justice: Evidence of postmodernity in tabloid culture Bodies of popular knowledge: The high, the low and the A Current Affair Fantastic populism: A walk on the wild side of tabloid culture Normalization and its discontents: The conflictual space of daytime talk shows Conclusion: Cultural struggle, the new News and the politics of popularity in the age of Jesse "The Body" Ventura Appendix; Notes; Works cited


Kevin Glynn is Lecturer in American Studies at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.


"At last, a book that treats tabloidism seriously! Glynn's multidimensional study - analytical, historical and theoretical - shows us how tabloid TV became the genre that reshaped the media environment of the 1980s and 1990s. Glynn's treatment of the phenomenon itself and of the controversies around it provide insights into contemporary media culture that we cannot ignore. No one who is interested in how changing notions of popular culture shape both the commercial and textual forms of contemporary media can afford to miss this book." - John Fiske, University of Wisconsin, Madison Collins, author of Architectures of Excess: Cultural Life in the Age of Information "This is a very smart book about aspects of contemporary media culture that have never been more visible nor more in need of rigorous analysis." - Jim Collins
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