New Deal Modernism: American Literature and the Invention of the Welfare State

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Dezember 2000



"Through its frank assessment of New Deal culture, Szalay's book adds mightily to the renascence of history-minded revisions of literary modernism. If you want to know how literary citizenship connected with the social motion of state initiatives like the Social Security Administration or the Federal Arts Project, then this is a very good place to begin."--Andrew Ross, New York University


Michael Szalay is Assistant Professor of English and Comparative Literature at University of California, Irvine.""


"An argument of striking range and precision... Oppositions of left and right, modernist and realist, do not exactly dissolve in this analysis, but they and the 1930s will look different from now on. A terrific book." - Richard Ohmann, Wesleyan University "Treating the WPA Arts Projects less as a temporary stopgap than as an occasion for a fundamental reconsideration of art's place in society, Szalay brilliantly relates aesthetic debates of the 1930's to debates, prominent since art entered a general economy in the eighteenth-century, over how art might survive economic conditions in which art objects have little chance of competing with basic economic necessities. Szalay's unique contribution is to show exactly how, in providing insurance against the market, the New Deal made the project of making art seem distinct from the worth of individual artifacts themselves." - Frances Ferguson, Johns Hopkins University
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